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Friday, March 03, 2006

sex with Davos
Our business leaders do not discuss only on the economy or the crises of energy in very famous World Economic Forum of Davos which has been just held... they also speak about sex and obviously they are petitioning since according to the Swiss newspaper Freedom, "the seminar of the new Yorkean sexologist Dagmar O' Connor if was voted by plebiscite that it was the only one to be reprogrammed (...)".

Topics of the questions of powerful of this world: "homosexuality, the sexual abuse, menopause, the lubrication of the genitals or manner of maintaining a union."

Councils of the sexologist: "spend more time together," take a baby-sitter and leave ", spend 90 minutes three times by week at the head to head, and to touch itself simply"

Soon it will not be any more the economic forum of Davos but the forum questions life quotienne... they have fun the large ones of this world nevertheless?! They go to Davos to speak Q... whereas us and well one démmerde with our problems, at best one takes rdv in a sexologist in a small cabinet, to 50€ the consultation... does not have there to say, to be powerful, it is well!