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Monday, February 13, 2006

So what if I am?

Yes children, this is indeed the week of the massive Rowan sale. 1/3 off all yarn. Surprisingly I didn't find much good stuff. No, really. Ok, so I've already blown a disgusting amount of money on yarn, see:
(1 ball Kid silk haze in candygirl, 3 balls Jaeger albany ribbon yarn for scarf, 4 balls Jaeger baby merino dk for socks)*

but sigh, it just wasn't everything I hoped for and more, all the good yarn had already been sent back to Rowan. Damn! I had such high hopes. The burgermeister aka the boy will be pleased though. I think he was afraid I would buy so much I wouldn't be able to fit it all in my flat. Plus, he thinks I have enough yarn already. Blasphamy! There is no such thing as enough. In his words "you already have a huge yarn stash. Did someone come and steal it all? Or is that like the doomsday stash and you need more to play with RIGHT NOW!" Heh, doomsday stash.

In other news, I've run out of onde in the pink and now its all white from here on out peeps:

By the way, that is the most accurate photo of the color I have taken so far. See what I mean about the radioactive smoked salmon shades of pink? I had been uber lazy working on this project. However, I've noticed all the other onde-along knitters have started to get their yarn so I thought I had better light a fire under it. I'm concerned however that I'm not on gauge. I seem to be about 2 cm short in width unless I stretch a bit. Fuck! Look I'll tell you right now I'm not ripping...no not gonna do it. I'm not knitting this tiny gauge garment again. Actually It might not be so bad because I was between sizes according to the phildar measurement guide and this size is an eense to big (yes an eense, you know like an eensy bit?) so it may work. I'm not ripping...go ahead judge away. Montse Stanley can kiss my ass I'm not ripping.

I'm also nearly done with the second sleeve of my mohair pull. Oh, and I'll never rip that. Rip mohair? Not on your life. It feels so good. That yarn had been rotting in the stash for ages. I love making huge dents in my stash. I always feel a bit overwhelmed by having a lot of yarn just sitting around doing nothing. I need to get a move on making something with all those balls of Goa I have (18 balls shade 16 if you are playing at home). I'm thinking I'm going to redeisgn the suss cousins pull over and make a nice flattering sweater with it from my own workable pattern, if I do the pattern is all yours...shall we dub it project Daphne?**

I have some questions regarding mohair though. What is the best way to block it? Wet, spritz, steam...what? Also, can you mattress stitch with it? Or wil I have to backstitch the whole lot in a smoother yarn in the same shade?

Also, apropo of nothing, does anyone know of a stuffed pig knitting pattern?

Best google search terms this week: We have two this week
1. "stomping kittens in high heels jpg" ok, I'm sorry but WHAT THE FUCK is that all about?
2. "free knitting patterns for donkey" um, do you need a free pattern for a stuffed donkey? Sorry don't have any. Or, free knits for a donkey to wear? Nope, tampoco.